The Fundraising Family
How does it work?
We create a customised school Fundraising Book & Gift Fair website for your school.
Sign up for free – it’s quick & easy to register your school
Click "Get Started" and it will put you in touch with one of the team who can walk you through booking your first event
You decide the dates for your 7 or 14 day event that work for you.
It's lightening quick to set up an event
We create your online shop and select the products for sale at your fair.
A wonderful selection of Books and Gifts, with great prices.
We send you online marketing flyers to promote your virtual Book & Gift Fair to parents
The shop will feature your school logo, along with details of any current school fundraising projects.
The books, toys and gifts can then be purchased by parents, family and friends securely.
We deliver all orders direct to parents’ homes within 5 days
Your school earns 20% from every sale
We run 4 events a year – Autumn, Christmas, Spring and Summer
So you have 4 opportunities to raise money.
How it works 20 Percent